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Program 2018

BDZ-Eurofestival Zupfmusik - a festival of superlatives again in 2018!
Orchestra, soloists and chamber music groups will come make again from 20 countries to Bruchsal to the navel of the plucked strings music world from 10 to 13 of May 2018.
By Steffen Trekel

The planning of the BDZ-Eurofestival Zupfmusik is in the final stage. About 1500 musicians and many visitors from all over the world are looking forward to the largest festival of its kind.
The participants and guests can expect a program that is hard to beat on diversity this year. The city of Bruchsal has proven to be an ideal venue in the last few years. In addition to the Central Civic Center, where most concerts will take place there are nearby the church for more concerts, the City Hall for instrument exhibitions and the Open-Air stage. The beautiful Bruchsal baroque castle will provide again a particularly atmospheric ambience for the "Night at the Castle".
The catering area and a large area for children with youth tent, a large bouncy castle (see separate article in the youth section of this magazine) are also in the immediate vicinity of the Civic Center. All places (up to the Castle) are within walking distance in no more than five minutes.
Mandolin Orchestra from all around the world and a special highlight right at the beginning
The heart of the festival are about 25 concerts over the course of days. The first one starts with a special highlight on Thursday morning. After many years, the organizers have managed to contract a Symphony Orchestra. The Heidelberg SAP Sinfonietta will perform the Concierto de Aranjuez for guitar and Orchestra by Joaquín Rodrigo with one of the best guitarists of the world: Thomas Müller-Pering.
During the course of the festival you will hear the "creme de la creme" of Germanys plucked instruments and guitar orchestra represented by almost all state orchestras our BDZ state associations have. Also, many excellent German local orchestra will be present. Among them some orchestras have won several prizes in orchestra competitions. So you can enjoy performances of the highest quality.
What's a Festival without guests? The Festival has such a reputation that again a variety of orchestras from all over the world announced their coming. You can look forward to European orchestras from France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Israel, Luxembourg, Russia and the Netherlands. Added by overseas orchestra from the United States (Oregon mandolin Orchestra), Japan (TESTA CALDA, Tokyo ensemble), Australia (Melbourne mandolin Orchestra) and for the first time from South Korea (Seongnam mandolin Orchestra). It is remarkable what time and expenses this Orchestras spend to be part of this festival.

Ensembles and chamber groups of the world rank
In addition to the orchestras, the professional chamber music groups and soloists are an important part of concerts for many visitors. Here, too, the organizers look forward to many fantastic musicians by rank and name.  In addition to German formations (including Duo Recuerda, Capella Aquisgrana, a duo, Duo Trekel Tröster, Duo Personare) you can look forward to many international artists: Caterina Lichtenberg is with her husband, the famous American Mandolinisten Mike Marshall. The fantastic Belarusian mandolinist Natallia Korsak plays with Matthias Collet, who also plays with the Venezuelan musicians Ricardo Sandoval in the "duo para DOS". I'm sure they will delight the audience. The incredibly active and very successful French mandolinist Vincent Deer-Demander will play solo and also in a quartet. From the United States the mandolinist Brian Oberlin will bring a special note to the festival with a sympathetic solo rendition of swing music. The American Mandolinist Chris Aquavella living now in Germany will be there as well as the soloist and guitarist Franziska Henke with his fascinating compositions and an effective performance. For the first time also the fantastic Mandolinist Sebastiaan de Grebber with the "Dutch mandolin piano trio" will take part. More bands from Germany, Italy, Australia, USA, Russia, Finland, Luxembourg, France, Bulgaria, Australia, Spain and Switzerland will show the enormous international variety.

Young talents and a concert for children
As in 2014 the BDZ sought special youth performances from Germany that are noticeable. For example, a Quartet from the Saarland, the BDZ - special prize winner at the music competition for the youth. A Dezett from Dresden presents the special piece "Peter and the Gulf". Further chamber music formations are duos, trios and quartets from the entire Federal territory. They will again refresh the programs lead the audience to storms of enthusiasm.
There will be again a kids for kids special children's concert on Friday morning. The children's orchestra from Dresden and Zwickau as well as dancers from Dresden will perform under the title “Tierischer Saitenwettstreit“ (Animal string competition) a special concert for children and all other interested parties.
Music theatre "The Magic Lute"
After the wonderful children's operas conducted by Sabine Geis at the last two festivals, there will be this time a music theatre for young people, that will delight even adults.
The large scale work from the pen of the Thuringian musician and composer Robert Hartung will be performed by the state youth mandolin orchestra of Thuringia and Erfurt actors. It expands the "classic" lineup of the plucked strings orchestra by percussion, vocals, and numerous additional instruments such as saxophone, electric guitar, clarinet or soprano lute.
"The Magic Lute" music theatre is an epic, has a crazy story, odd characters and a fabulous soundtrack with original music for mandolin orchestra. Look forward to a humorous drama and exciting orchestral sounds with goose bumps guaranteed!
Commissioned works
After the great success at the 2014 BDZ- Eurofestival, again ten composition contracts have been awarded for the upcoming music festival. The idea is to initiate new high-quality literature for plucked strings orchestra and guitar orchestra. All works will be premiered at the Festival by excellent state orchestra and state youth orchestra.
We are pleased that following composers were willing to contribute a work:
       Chris Acquavella
       Vincent beer demander
       Carlos Blanco Ruiz
       Christopher Brandt
       Richard Charlton
       Ulrich Stefan Fauth
       Franziska Henke
       Olof Näslund
       Robert Schulz
       Jaime M. Zenamon
The workshops and "Sound workshops"
2018 several workshops are offered on popular demand:
       Mike Marshall will offer a hands-on workshop for all musicians interested in the American mandolin.
       Marga Wilden-Hüsgen and Marlo Strauß will give an overview of the study opportunities for mandolin in Germany and abroad.
       Johannes Tappert, Dieter Kreidler and Volker Höh will provide a concert piece concert as well as a workshop on the subject "O.T.P.Q - the future-oriented guitar ensemble" to demonstrate the advantages of extending guitar ensemble by octave-, third-, prime- and quint bass guitars.
The rush on the sound workshops was increasing in the last years.  The instruments of different make and exhibitors and played by professional players. Due to popular demand there will be two sound workshops for mandolin (with Marga Wilden-Hüsgen and Jeannette Mozos del Campo) and two for guitar (with Michael Tröster and Madlen Kanzler) this time.
Large exhibition of instruments, sheet music and accessories
In addition to the musical performances an important part of the event for many Festival participants is the exchange and the information about music. Many visitors take advantage of the unique opportunity to see instruments of some of the most important and best instrument makers and specially to play these yourself. You can seek also the exhibitors on-site advice to get an important hint.
The stands of the publishers and music retailer provide everything what a plucking strings musicians heart desires in the lobby of the Civic Centre. You can buy sheet music, strings and any kind of accessories, what has the music store “around the corner" not always has in stock.
Last but not least, the region around Bruchsal offers much. Maybe you connect a short break to the visit of the Festival.
In any case, the travel to Bruchsal is an absolute must for every lover of good plucked instrument music!
Come to Bruchsal.
Have four days of good music!
Meet friends and like-minded people from all over the world!
Experience the “BDZ Eurofestival Zupfmusik 2018“ in Bruchsal, Germany on 10-13 May 2018!