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Program 2014

EuroFestival Zupfmusik 2014
A festival of diversity and excellence

By Steffen Trekel ..... The world's largest festival for Plucked Instruments from 29.5. to 01.06.2014 in Bruchsal approaches by leaps and bounds . The plan with nearly 30 events is bulging with about 100 orchestras , ensembles and soloists and nearly 30 concerts. Not only the size of the festival, but also the unique collection of top executives from Zupfmusik second to none.

National and intenationale top orchestras

As an appetizer here an overview of the registered participants to illustrate the high level of performance :

In addition to some outstanding and award-winning German club orchestras (eg Ensemble Roggenstein , Mülheimer Zupforchester or Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra Ötigheim ) , some country guitar and orchestra seniors occur , with one exception , all German Landeszupforchester , do so. Due to the structure of the national orchestra with their selected good players the orchestra among the best that it has to offer the Zupfmusikwelt . That they also initiated a total of 13 special accents commissioned compositions known and respected composers of the literature ago by BDZ , allows us to look forward to her appearances .

In addition to the German representatives , many foreign top orchestra will travel to Bruchsal and enrich the concerts with their typical orientation. Their orientations that quite clearly different from the German style of play will bring many exciting colors in the concert programs . We look , for example,
with the " Kataoka Mandolin Ensemble" and
the symphonic oriented " Kubota Philo Mandolin Orchestra " on two top orchestras of Japan,
with the " Orchestra dell'Accademia di Mandolino International " under the direction of Stefano Squarzina the only national mandolin orchestra of Italy,
with the " New American Mandolin Ensemble" to a square occupied by professionals and semi-professionals Orchestra from the United States ,
the " Israeli Plectrum Ensemble " on one of the few orchestras of Israel,
as well as other excellent strum and guitar orchestra from Australia, Austria , France, Turkey , Luxembourg , Czech Republic, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Professionals from around the world
In addition to the orchestras is traditionally the Euro festival also provides a platform on which to give professionals from around the world a tryst . We look forward to the whole world of mandolin and guitar in a variety of formations :

With the mandolin player Brian Oberlin a jewel of American jazz and swing scene could be won , pulling with his friendly nature and his audience from the first minute in its spell.
The Russian Rada Krivenko that has gained in recent years, almost all international competitions around the world will present itself in a duo with flute.
The "Mare - Duo" ( Annika and Fabian Hinsche ) will play together with a string quartet , a world premiere of a work by Jaime Zenamon .
A very special treat is certainly the duo " Cafe Para Dos " with Ricardo Sandoval (Venezuela ) and Matthias Collet (France)
or the Venezuelan " Trabuco Trio " with typical music at the highest level.
Even "old friends " of the scene as Natallia Korsak and Nikolai Maretski , will be back again , this time in the "Ensemble TonArt " with the French mandolinist Sabine MARZE and a pianist .

Other international artists :
- Milk Coffee Trio ( Russia)
- Duo Senese (Italy )
- Alon Sariel and Michael Tsalka (Israel )
- Tan Hua (China) with Pipa
- Chris Acquavella (USA) in a duo with Stefanie Rauch

- NovMandolin Ensemble (F)
- And many more , which can not all be listed here .

Are from Germany with the
- Duo Consensus ,
- Duo Trekel ans Troester ,
- Duo Tewes - Gerstmeier ,
- "Sixty1Strings " (with the mandolinist Anne Wolf, guitar and harp )
- " Brescianello Trio " (2 Baroque Mandolin + lute with Steffen Trekel , Olga Dubowskaja and Johannes Tappert ) concert known formations.

Interestingly, the performances of the two soloists Annette Schneider and Silvan Wagner, who himself accompanied own or medieval songs are present .

With voltage may , for example, also the " Killifish Quartet " (Performance with aquarium) and the Opera Orchestra of plucked instruments listed by the music school Esslingen " The Fairy Queen " by Henry Purcell are expected.

Chamber music and children's concert

Very special offer highlights of the young chamber musicians that will enrich all concerts at the community center by contributing. From a 9-year Sologitarristin to teenagers in the highest youth Musiziert - ages will invariably show with the largest (some multiple ) competition honors outstanding young musicians , what you can afford on our instruments at a young age .

Even younger it is the children's concert titled " Eusebius " I am the Strongest in the Country "Radio Fly : How Eusebius accidentally all lands where else , while still experiencing all kinds of ... " Here are the three children's orchestra ZIRLIBO ( Zwickau ) , Klampfenbande (Upper castle ) and the " Vivaldi mice " (Karl field) a colorful and exciting program (not only) present for children from 6 years.

Large Instrument and Sheet exhibition

The focal point will be as early as 2010, the large community center with its two halls and music exhibition. But again , there are other special venues . Particularly atmospheric expect the night concerts in Bruchsal Castle . The two charming rooms and the Hofkirche will be marked high-quality chamber music. For the first time , there are also concerts in only about 100 meters from the historic city church with 600 seats . And also the adjacent Town Hall is " occupied " by the Zupfmusikern (exhibitions, workshops sound ) .

Open Air and plucking Party

Especially a lot of attention by population Bruchsal is safe again experience the open-air stage, entertaining Zupfmusik delivers in two days and to the great pickers party on the last evening of the finest. Occurrence are there performers of different orientations of the world music group "Heavy Classic Ensemble" ( with Malte Vief , Jochen Ross and Mathias Hübner ) to Jan- Masuhr band of international greats such as August Watters (USA), Jouni Kouskimäki (Finland ) , Stephen Lalor (Australia ) to German Mandolin and guitar orchestras.
The open-air highlight will certainly be the plucking Party, with high-profile musicians such as the well-known Amsterdam Gitaar s Mandolin Duo ( Wiesenekker ) , Brian Oberlin (USA), Cafe Para Dos (Venezuela / France) and the fantastic trio with Carlo Aonzo (mandolin ) , Lori Lombardo (drums) and Claudio Bellato (guitar), provides the music between jazz and American folk. We are hopeful that Peter is a fan of good Zupfmusik and the open -air stage supplied with the best weather ! .

Children's musical backdrop as the final

Statements and one of the highlights of the festival : The great children's musical on Sunday morning. Sabine Geis is with her inimitable style and more the big stage of the community center with many children , musicians, scenery , music, drama turn into one big theater. A stay until the end of the festival is worth it in any case !

Zupfmusiker the world
travels of 29 May to 1 June 2014
to the " Euro - festival Zupfmusik " ​​to Bruchsal -
it's worth it ! !